Abandoned bicycles to be removed

For better and more enjoyable outdoor environment, and in order to deal with the abandoned and broken bicycles that are taking up a great deal of space in and around our bicycle parking areas will Mybike clear these bicycles from the area.

All bicycles will be marked with a white label on the seat. Any bicycles that still have the label on the date stated will be removed, considered found property and moved to a locked storage area. It is very important that you immediately identify your bicycle and take off the white label if you do not wish the bicycle to be removed.

Bicycles that are removed will be reported to the police as found property. Once we have received notice from the police that the bicycles have been registered as found property, we will take them to a recycling centre.

Note! Remember, if you do not want your bicycle to be removed from the premises, you must remove the white label.

You are welcome to call

Nemo Ekstrom
040-61 81 009